#likeaboss with Wolford

, |March 20, 2019

Wolford recently asked me to share the story of starting my own business. I launched my own shoe brand just six months ago and from the very beginning of this crazy journey I promised myself to ignore all rules. The main focus for me has always been solving the problem of women not knowing how to find heels comfortable. Comfort and style should always be a duet to go for. The Trinity collection by #Wolford that I already showed you during cphfw really are the most comfy pieces of clothing my body has ever touched. And that’s what I hope to have achieved with my shoes as well.

One of the things I ignored was the fact that my first samples were good enough to sell. I was told by so many people around me that I should just go for it. Just start selling them. That they looked pretty. I couldn’t. They were uncomfortable. I’m a perfectionist. I try learning to strive for getting things done rather than making them perfect but sometimes it’s just not the way for me to go. If my mission was to create the perfect shoe, I didn’t care how much time and effort it was going to take me. It took me over a year to develop just one shoe. Brands make five collections during that time. There was no way I’d put a shoe out there that wasn’t ideal. In a time of mass consumption I also am very keen on making sure that what I put out there will be loved and used until falling apart. Even my heroes at the factory were shaking their head countless of times when I was trying to explain what I was aiming for and why.

I will never forget how I finally got to the result I wanted. There was a snowstorm in Italy and my perfect samples miraculously got ready just four hours before my bus back to Rome was about to depart. I was so nervous. I had been fighting so hard to make the factories trust me with my ideas. I started crying when they showed me the final sample. Get emotional just thinking about it right now as I type this part of my story for you.

What inspires me everyday is making a change. Making the life of women easier and more fun. ♥

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